Offer BNDL to your Members

Corporate level deals available for all

Partner with BNDL as a membership group or association

To offer massive buying benefits across all your members, enhancing your overall offering

A new way to protect and enhance your members’ finances

Offering your members access to the BNDL marketplace will ensure that they are spending their money wisely – protecting their bottom-line to improve financial stability and future development

Effortless, at no additional cost

The BNDL marketplace is structured with the BNDL suppliers so that you or your members are not charged for using the service

Customized Procurement Offering

BNDL’s procurement experts can tailor the BNDL marketplace to the specific needs of your membership group, such as:

  • Access to best value deals
  • BNDL can source specialist suppliers for your members
  • Leading market insight
  • Industry regulation & legislation compliance

Offer your members BNDL