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BNDL Direct

BNDL Direct is a new generation P2P system. Increasing control, reducing complexity, managing spend and enhancing your procurement and accounts payable.


Do you find most P2P systems complex to implement and use? BNDL Direct is different. Easy to set up, even easier to use.


Control, without complex processes. Spend limits, approvals, and your organizations procurement workflow. P2P your way. BNDL Direct protects your business without complicating the buying process.

cost reduction

Fully automated, end to end process from purchase order to payment. BNDL Direct helps reduce overhead and error and you can choose access to BNDL deals where desired.

Developed by experts to help you

BNDL Direct was developed by procurement and accounts payable professionals who understand the day-to-day challenges you face.
With BNDL Direct you get the most advanced P2P system available in the market. Offering all the required functionalities like catalog buying, control, and easy ordering. But unlike any other P2P system, BNDL actually provides the end to end invoice processing including payment and check or electronic payment.


Your vendor contracts


Your supplies and services


Full End to end procure to pay

Process Driven!

On top of the already rich P2P offering, BNDL Direct offers you the opportunity to use BNDL automated consortium buying deals, giving your business better prices and wider choice!


What We Offer

BNDL direct offers you a robust P2P software platform that is intuitive, easy to use and to implement.

Cloud Based Software

Log in from anywhere to order or approve ordering of your products and services. Fast, secure and you do not need to leave payment details on the system

End to end P2P

We populate your dedicated portal with your contracts and catalogs. You just order what you need against your (or our, what you choose!) contracts and we do the rest

True Cost Savings

BNDL Direct offers the capability for true cost savings in time involved for your team, auditing of contracts and ease of use. Less overhead, more savings.

Our Approach

Three easy steps

That is all it takes. We believe in clean, simple, and affordable.

Step 1 – Discovery

We work with your Procurement, AP, and operational teams as well as your suppliers to scope out your P2P requirements including control processes.

Step 2 – Implementation

We upload your contracts and catalogs and onboard your suppliers.

Step 3 – Use and save

We set up your order workflow permissions and train the end users.

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