Orlando, FL March 3, 2020—BNDL Group, LLC, a Procure to pay solution provider has announced a deal with Tradition Energy to provide energy services on the BNDL platform.  This deal will allow the Tradition Energy services to be procured by the small to medium business on the BNDL platform at pricing normally reserved for large organizations.

Tradition Energy is the nation’s largest and most experienced independent energy risk management and procurement consultant and are part of the Tradition Group, one of the world’s top 3 institutional brokers of financial products and commodities with over 2,300 employees in 30 countries. BNDL members can now purchase Energy from Tradition Energy to manage their energy price risk exposure and to develop and implement risk management strategies to control and reduce their energy expenditures.

Through BNDL. Tradition Energy will provide quotes for energy services at market leading rates. “Energy is a significant spend in any businesses, and we wanted to ensure our members get access to the very best service and prices from the best providers.  As a market leader in Energy Services, we were convinced that we needed Tradition Energy ’s services on the BNDL platform as an offering for businesses of all sizes”, states Frederique Rammeloo, one of the BNDL founders. With 35 years of experience in the energy market and superb client satisfaction scores, Tradition Energy is a recognized expert in energy services.  Whether you are looking for prices for your electricity or gas, Tradition Energy’s team will help you find the right solution from the best provider at the very best price.

With global energy prices fluxing so much over the past few years, businesses need the support and guidance of energy professionals to help minimize their spend and maximize their benefits. Tradition Energy ’s services allow businesses to do this with a range of tailored solutions and commercial offerings. BNDL allows business to enter their specific needs, describing where they are in the country, what services they need, and even their current usage. Tradition Energy’s experts then review the request and provide quotes back to BNDL.  The customer simply selects the quote they want and purchase it. The BNDL team of industry experts provide the best prices to suit the customers’ needs.

BNDL is a new generation simplified procure to pay (P2P) platform that increases control while reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors, contracts and internal users.   BNDL offers a unique solution that caters to the small business with no procurement team and the medium business that has a procurement team but wishes to obtain better pricing through economies of scale.  Put simply, BNDL simplifies your business buying allowing you to buy quicker, easier, and cheaper!

BNDL P2P online platform creates a unique E-Commerce ecosystem of vendors that allows for internal workflows, auditing against contract pricing and on-time payments to the vendors.  This unique software platform will transform your P2P process with BNDL as an end-to-end business platform for all of your procurement spending.

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Founded in January 2020, BNDL is a leading P2P provider of procurement software and services.  With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, BNDL Group, LLC provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business procurement performance worldwide.

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