Orlando, FL September1, 2020—BNDL Group, LLC, a Procure to pay solution provider has announced a new product line, BNDL Direct that will be added to the current BNDL procurement savvy, robust software platform for business supplies and service purchasing.  The BNDL Direct solution provides medium to large business with an online shopping platform that can utilize their current vendors, contracts and products and services.

BNDL Direct’s P2P online platform creates a unique E-Commerce ecosystem of your vendors that utilizes internal workflows, auditing against your contract pricing and on-time payments to your vendors that will manage across procurement, payments and supply chain.  BNDL Direct is a new generation P2P system that will increasing control, reduce complexity, manage spend and enhance the procurement and accounts payable process.

“It just made sense to expand the platform to those medium to large businesses that already had great contracts in place and that may be using a current platform like Ariba”, shares Sharon Watkins, one of BNDL’s founders.  “Allowing the client to bring their contracts to the platform was just another step in providing the best service to all of our clients, regardless of size”, states Frederique Rammeloo, the other BNDL founder.

The platform was already being used by the small to medium companies and BNDL Direct will allow those large organizations to bring their contracts and vendors to the platform for a unique and truly client specific, tailored set up.

BNDL P2P online platform creates a unique E-Commerce ecosystem of vendors that allows for internal workflows, auditing against contract pricing and on-time payments to the vendors.  This unique software platform will transform your P2P process with BNDL as an end-to-end business platform for all of your procurement spend.

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Founded in January 2020, BNDL is a leading P2P provider of procurement software and services.  With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, BNDL Group, LLC provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business procurement performance worldwide.

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