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Get to know the BNDL team.

Fre Rammeloo

Fre Rammeloo


Sharon Watkins

Sharon Watkins


The development of the BNDL concept was well underway by Fre’s Business Consultancy, Dexter GBS, and was ready to be taken to the next stage. Sharon’s Expense Management business, RadiusPoint, provided the means for this next stage.

Fre and Sharon are proud and excited about the positive impact BNDL is having for both buyers and suppliers, while innovating B2B arena.

Our Founders

The concept of BNDL was born from the meeting of two leading business minds – Fre Rammeloo and Sharon Watkins.
Fre and Sharon met at a CEO peer-to-peer event in London, England where they instantly hit it off professionally and personally.
Fre’s amazing concept of “every business should get the best deal” and Sharon’s technology portal allowed the BNDL idea to get off of the ground quickly.

Our Approach

At BNDL, we are proud to be enterprising, unique and innovative.

Our Mission

With vast and varied industry-leading expertise and experience, we are delighted to introduce BNDL as a tool that will help organizations succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to allow organizations of all sizes the access and ability to save money in their P2P process while bringing suppliers together to foster new financially beneficial relationships.

Your digital marketplace that brings together buyers and suppliers, enabling hassle-free business.


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