Make huge savings through the BNDL digital marketplace

B2B digital marketplace

Simple-to-use online platform that is populated with the best deals from trusted sellers for all your business needs.

Buy with confidence

Carefully selected suppliers with negotiated Best-in-market deals available right now.

Sell to a network of opportunities

Unique access to supply through the BNDL platform to a wealth of Customers, from individual organizations to membership groups


BNDL bundles the purchasing needs of lots of businesses to create massive purchasing power.  When larger corporations buy items in bulk, they pay less per item (think of somewhere like Costco where donuts only cost .25 cents when you buy a dozen rather than $3.00 each at Starbucks).  Now, as a member of BNDL, you have access to the same prices, so, for example; you buy 5 Adobe licenses for the same price as companies that buy 500.  So, you buy the same, but pay less!


Your membership organization signs up to BNDL and you get access to the BNDLBUY portal where we already have a wide range of products and services for you to buy there and then.  Your purchase is then paid for, managed and dispatched all through BNDLBUY and you get the same items, for much less than you used to. Everything is all contained in one place, from order to invoice, payment to dispatch.  And if you want internal approval processes, so that purchases need approval, we can set that up for you too.

And the best thing, it doesn’t cost you or your membership organization a penny to participate and get all the benefits BNDL offers.


What if there are things I want, that aren’t on BNDL?

You can simply let us know through the BNDL Portal, we will do some investigation with potential suppliers and see how we can get them added to the catalog.


What’s in it for me?

As well as significant cost savings on your everyday purchases, you also get an easy to use, centralized procurement engine to track your spend, manage your purchases and report on spending, savings and purchases.

How do you select your suppliers?

We like to shop local, so we do our very best to ensure we have both a local supplier and a national or global one.  That way, you can decide who gets your business.