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What is BNDL?

  • P2P platform
  • Consortium buying new style
  • Local and minority business sourcing

BNDL is a simple to use, new generation procure to pay (P2P) platform that increases control while reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors, contracts and internal users. BNDL offers three unique solutions that caters to the small business with no procurement team, the medium to large business that has a procurement team and the supplier that wishes to compete in a fair and innovative marketplace.

The Procure-to-pay cycle is the process where organizations inquire, select, request, receive, and pay for goods and services. This procure-to-pay cycle involves many activities to complete just one order.

BNDL’s P2P online platform creates a unique E-Commerce ecosystem of vendors that ensures best in class contract pricing and control via comprehensive audit functionality all while ensuring on-time payments to your vendors.

BNDL small business


BNDL Marketplace

P2P as a service

BNDL is unique as it provides services and functionality no other P2P system provides. BNDL is able to manage not only part, but the full P2P cycle including payment and invoice auditing, if the customer desires; or part of the cycle, whatever works best.

Consortium buying or own contracts

BNDL also offers the opportunity to use your own contracts, BNDL contracts or a combination of both, thereby leveraging the power of consortium buying.


BNDL offers affordable solutions across all brands and is more competitive compared to any other player in the market. Through robust and intuitive solutions and automation, BNDL can offer great value to suppliers and customers alike.

BNDL – Small Business

Simplify your Operations with a unified Procure-To-Pay Solution.  Using BNDL takes all of the guesswork and effort out of the Procurement process and allows you to purchase with size on your side.  Simply Join. Buy. Save.

BNDL’s P2P online platform allows your organization to benefit from pricing and contracts typically reserved for large organizations.

Learn more about how BNDL can take your purchasing of services and supplies to the next level.

BNDL Direct – Medium to Large Business

BNDL Direct’s P2P online platform creates a unique E-Commerce ecosystem of your vendors that utilizes internal workflows, auditing against your contract pricing and on-time payments to your vendors.  This unique solution transforms your P2P process as BNDL Direct provides you with an end-to-end business platform for all of your procurement spend.  Cut your procurement and expense costs with this tailored platform that will streamline your procurement processes and services.   Order all your required products and services, as per your contracts, using our intuitive web-based technology mirroring the experience of any online shop.  Easy to use, easy to train.

Learn more about how BNDL Direct can take your purchasing of services and supplies to the next level.

BNDL Marketplace

At BNDL MarketPlace, we bring together companies small and large, who want to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or support their local community, and local and diverse suppliers who will help achieve that goal.  BNDL MarketPlace provides an easy route to diverse and local suppliers via modern technology. Companies can buy products and services from local or diverse suppliers directly via our cloud based platform, or simply go there for a referral to connect to suppliers and bring them into their own sourcing eco-system.  Learn more about how BNDL MarketPlace can help you as a local or diverse business in our vendor tab, or if you want to use BNDL MarketPlace to source your needs from local and diverse suppliers click the link below.

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